Preserve Your Trees With A Tree Risk Assessment

Get preventive tree care from the experts in Dripping Springs, Wimberley & New Braunfels, TX

If you need emergency tree services in the Dripping Springs, Wimberley or New Braunfels, TX area, Simple Leaf Tree Care is here to help. However, we can also fix tree problems before they turn into emergencies with a tree risk assessment. We can inspect your trees, identify any problems, remove a tree if necessary and create a plan of action that will keep your trees healthy.

When it comes to tree health, it's better to catch problems ahead of time. Contact us today to learn more about our tree assessment services.

When should you schedule a tree risk assessment?

When should you schedule a tree risk assessment?

Trees change naturally throughout the year, but some changes are signs of an unhealthy tree. You can monitor tree health by looking for changes such as:

  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Bare or fallen branches
  • Fungus or other growths
  • Discolored or wilted leaves
  • Unusual numbers of insects

If your trees display any of the problems above, call us now to schedule a tree risk assessment.